Insurance Companies Urged To Provide Vehicle Incentives

Dwamena Addressing stakeholders at the official launch of Driver Mo Report


President of the Young African for Opportunity (YAFO), Nathaniel Dwamena has urged insurance companies to provide vehicle incentives that promote good driving behaviour in the country.

“Insurance is more than just compensating losses, but also an incentive for controlling losses that significantly benefit society as a whole,” he said.

Mr. Dwamena made this statement at the official launch of the 2023 ‘Driver Mo’ report in Accra.

The “Driver Mo” report is a research-based vehicle insurance advocacy policy that assessed drivers’ and passengers’ perceptions of vehicle insurance,

It also seeks to stop police harassment of drivers and drive behavioral change by advocating for better vehicle insurance policies that are market-driven and responsive to the needs of drivers.

According to Mr. Dwamena the report adopted a nationwide approach to conduct the research in all 16 regions.

The report revealed that 37.7 per cent of drivers subscripted to insurance subscriptions because it was mandated by law while (32%) were to prevent them from being harassed by the police. Passengers’ literacy rate on insurance stood at 16 per cent.


The data collected on the driver’s license holders and learning to drive indicated that 23 per cent of drivers learned driving at various professional driving schools, 56% learned through apprenticeship, and 23 per  cent through driving schools. A significant proportion of 19 per cent of drivers was self-thought.

The gender differential indicated that females 80 per cent dominated the approach of going to driving school when compared to men 26per cent.

In the address on behalf of the National Insurance Commission (NIC) chairman Charles Ansong Dankyi encourage Ghanaians to contact the commission whenever insurance companies refuse to pay claims.

“Where there is a legitimate claims and the insurance company refuses to pay the claims, the insurer must report the matter to the NIC who is the regulator for the necessary intervention,” he said.

Mr. Ansong Dankyi applauded the team of researchers at the Young African for Opportunity for launching the report.


By Prince Fiifi Yorke