Integrity Comedown For Mahama, NDC

Ex-President John Mahama

Eventually former President John Mahama and the leadership of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have had a change of heart and embraced the Ghana Card.

The National Identification Authority (NIA) suffered a concentrated dose of bad-mouthing from the opposition party and a call for its boycott. It is sad to note that the decision originated from a political party which continues to pride itself as an embodiment of all the good things that Ghana needs to progress.

Having tried to register all citizens of this country and unfortunately failed, predictably, NDC did not wish the rejuvenated project well. Negative wishes for projects emanating from the NPP are standard NDC attitude. But going further to ask the membership of the party not to support the registration exercise was stretching hatred beyond acceptable levels, especially since the action was a sabotage of a lofty idea being championed by a non-NDC government.

As a prodigal son, as it were, and representing the NDC, we can only welcome the former President to the fold of good governance. We would be quick to ask though that the leadership of the party shows decency by expressing remorse for its initial stance against the Ghana Card concept and to tell their compatriots why they have had a change of mind at this time.

It is our wish that the former President’s change of heart about the NIA project will herald more of such morphs and an embracement of the great innovations being brought to bear on the country’s progress.

It is good politics to acknowledge good things even after condemning them earlier especially when one is bold enough to express remorse.

Politics in this country has a strain which calls for an overhaul of the noble occupation. The practice of condemning everything emanating from one’s opponents does not augur well for the progress of a country.

In other jurisdictions, a former President and his political party leadership making such a volte face after so much vituperation is a seismic development which can cost them their career more so when this is done without apology for initial faux pas.

We are longing for the former President’s and, of course, his NDC understanding of the free Senior High School (SHS) concept and the many flagship projects being implemented by President Akufo-Addo and the NPP to change the face of the country from one etched with forlornness to a countenance full of hope and happiness.

We are constrained to point out that although the former President has now embraced the Ghana Card by picking up one he would suffer an integrity comedown if he does not apologise to his followers and his compatriots at large for his initial untruths about it.