Investigate Glo-GFA Deal! …AG Petitions Interior Minister

Gloria Afua Akuffo

The ambiguity surrounding the infamous Glo-CAF deal  with GFA in 2008,  has stirred Attorney-General (AG) and Minister for Justice, Gloria Afua Akuffo (Miss), to petition Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery to probe the  sponsorship deal.

Signed by the Minister for Justice and copied to the Director, Criminal Investigation Department(CID), Ghana Police Service, Accra, Bright O. Akwetey, counsel for Abraham Boakye, the plaintiff, it indicated  “We forward herewith a petition  dated June 28, 2018 on the above subject matter  (RE: Petition  to investigate the Glo sponsorship deal with the GFA) for your necessary action.”

Few months ago, Lawyer Akwetey implored the AG stating “…The ABN Marketing Consulting Limited (ABN) who are my clients, secured sponsorship for the football league and the Black Stars in 2008. The total sponsorship amount was $24,000,000.00.

“By convention, established by the Ghana Football Association, any person who secured sponsorship for the GFA is entitled to a negotiated 15% of the sponsorship package as commission.

“The sponsorship package from Glo was secured through the instrumentality of the Managing Director of ABN (Abraham Boakye aka One Man Supporter) when  the then president  of GFA, informed the MD of ABN, that the football clubs had refused to allow GFA to pay the money to ABN.”

It added “Nyantakyi, who under another name, had been registered as director/ shareholder of ABN, did not pay the negotiated 15% agency fee to ABN and did not add same to the Premier League Clubs’ share of the sponsorship either, but paid the amount to another company  called Midsea which was unrelated to the original transaction.”

Lawyer Akwetey, indicated that the criminal aspect of the case would  immensely assist  in  streamlining  football  administration in Ghana.

Consequently, he has made a passionate appeal regarding the matter     in the supreme interest of football.

 From The Sports Desk