Is He Now A Non- Vigilant Citizen Vigilante?

Martin A.B.K. Amidu

If there was one name that sent shivers down the spine of corrupt politicians and their collaborators in Dr Kwame Okro’s homeland, then it was the name Martin A.B.K. Amidu. Again, if there was one name that inspired hope in the citizenry that the fight against corruption was not a lost cause, then Martin Amidu was that name. Indeed, he was not nicknamed ‘Citizen Vigilante’ for nothing.

I’m sure you would have noticed the use of past tense in reference to the Citizen Vigilante’s anti-corruption exploits. This is because currently his name neither evokes fear in the corrupt ones nor inspires hopes in the citizenry in relation to the corruption fight. The name seems to have lost its spark and attraction.

It is an understatement to say his patriotic actions in the past had won him the admiration of his compatriots. He became a national hero when he single-handedly opposed his party and government in the Woyome case. Even after losing his job as Attorney-General, he used his own finances to pursue the case for the country.

The resultant effect is President Nana Dee choosing him as the Special Prosecutor. He was chosen because his passion for fighting corruption was not in doubt. The overwhelming acceptance of the President’s choice showed the trust people had in the Citizen Vigilante.

Many, yours truly inclusive, were those who leapt for joy when the Citizen Vigilante’s name was first mentioned for the position of Special Prosecutor. We were excited because his track record had suggested to us that he would be relentless and merciless in cracking the corruption whip. We were excited because we had hoped that his inclusion in the government’s corruption crusade would bring some sanity into the system.

Many others too became jittery.  Kofi Adams was among the first to pour cold water on his nomination. He gave all manner of reasons for his dissent, but none contained an iota of sense. It was all gibberish!

General Ntontom was also on air shouting his voice hoarse that the nomination of the Citizen Vigilante clearly showed that the Osono government had an agenda. To him, the choice of the Citizen Vigilante was an agenda by the government to ‘victimize’ its political opponents.

We did know the reason for their dissent, didn’t we? Did Chinua Achebe not tell us that ‘an old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb’?

Few weeks later, the Special Prosecutor was vetted by Parliament and subsequently sworn in by the President. Both individuals and civil society organizations could not contain their joy that day. Being a new outfit, we were advised to be patient with the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

Well, we have been patient enough, haven’t we? It has been more than 12 moons since he stepped into that office and not even a fly has been made to pay for its iniquities.  For sure, we are disappointed that nothing, I repeat, nothing concrete, has so far come from the Citizen Vigilante’s outfit.

Did I hear you say he is working hard behind the scene? If so, then I entreat him to give his compatriots regular updates on the progress of the corruption fight by his outfit, for he cannot fight corruption in the dark.

I’m still hopeful that despite the slow progress made so far. I still want to believe that the decision by the President to opt for a man of unquestionable integrity like Martin Amidu was the right one. I still want to believe that the Citizen Vigilante is an untamed lion that would not only roar, but also bite as well.

It is true that it is only witches and wizards who tremble at the mention of witch-hunters. I still want to believe that Martin Amidu is a witch-hunter with the zeal to fight financial witches and wizards. I still want to believe that Martin Amidu’s appointment was the beginning of a new dawn in the fight against corruption.

Indeed, I even shudder to imagine that Martin Amidu has now become a non-vigilant Citizen Vigilante. For that would spell great doom for this country!

So, Mr. Special Prosecutor, please show us the unquenchable thirst for the blood of the corrupt that once made you the cynosure of all eyes. And also exhibit the zeal that you once used in castrating unrepentant rapists in order to save other innocent damsels from their insatiable libido.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!