Kalybos Fires Back Over Sleeping With Funny Face’s Girl


Kalybos says he never shared the same girlfriend with his follow comedian, Funny Face. 

Funny had earlier alleged that he gave his girlfriend to Kalybos after the skit star showed interest in her.

But responding to the allegation in an interview with Dr. Pounds on Hitz FM, Kalybos stated that the claims are false, suggesting Funny lied to his followers and Ghanaians.

He stated that his girlfriend even laughed at him over the rumour, describing him as cheap if that ever happened.

According to Myjoyonline, the ‘Boys Kasa’ actor said his family was even hurt by the accusation.

Funny Face had chastised Bismark The Joke, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and Kalybos for allegedly spreading lies about him.

He stated that his colleagues are green with envy and are seeking to tarnish his image.

He threatened to release their ‘dirty secrets’ should they ever dare him.

But Kalybos told Dr. Poundz that he does not harbour any ill feelings against Funny Face, neither does he have the time to hate on him.

He said he was disappointed when some media platforms ran with the accusations just for the trend without asking for his side of the story.

He, however, applauded a media house for calling for clarification, adding that “this is what I call pure journalism.”