Ken Ofori-Atta Praises Successor, Calls For Support In Execution Of IMF-ECF Programme


In a heartfelt letter addressed to the Ministry of Finance (MoF) staff, outgoing Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta expressed his confidence in his successor, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, and urged the team to support him in ensuring the successful execution of the International Monetary Fund’s Extended Credit Facility (IMF-ECF) programme.

Ofori-Atta, who was recently relieved from his position, thanked the MoF staff for their tireless service, commitment to excellence, and the privilege of working together.
He encouraged them to uphold professionalism, ethics, efficiency, and responsiveness, emphasizing the vision of a Ghana Beyond Aid.

Describing Dr. Amin Adam as a smart, humble, and inclusive leader, Ofori-Atta highlighted the importance of collective effort in guaranteeing a successful tenure for the new appointee.
He called on the team to rally behind Dr. Adam and provide him with unwavering support.

“The future is here with us as we are blessed with a new leader, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, who replaced the venerable Charles Adu Boahen and has been with us through some of the most difficult times. Let us all circle the wagons and ensure a blazing success for his stewardship,” Ofori-Atta stated.

Acknowledging Dr. Adam’s contributions and his experience during challenging times, Ofori-Atta expressed his hope for a collective effort to guide the new Minister towards executing the IMF-ECF programme successfully. This programme aims to promote economic growth and transformation in Ghana.

Ofori-Atta concluded his letter by thanking the MoF staff once again for their dedication and commitment to excellence.
He regarded it as an honor and a rare privilege to have served alongside each and every one of them.
He expressed his prayers for their continued resilience, dedication, and commitment to the work of the Republic and the finances of the State.

The appointment of Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam as the new Minister of Finance has generated optimism among experts, who believe his leadership and experience will contribute to the successful execution of Ghana’s economic growth plans. With the support of the MoF staff, the country is poised to achieve its goals and transform into a self-reliant nation.

As the nation looks towards the future, it remains eager to witness the positive impact of the IMF-ECF programme under the leadership of Dr. Amin Adam, ensuring sustainable economic growth and development for Ghana.


By Vincent Kubi