KNUST Bedlam, Krobo Vandalism

Turning the campus of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) into a bedlam last week and some residents of Kroboland destroying ECG poles do not cast us in good light.

We do not want to think that there is a certain level of mental imbalance afflicting those involved in the perpetuation of the two aforementioned incidents.

We are unable to detach the two incidents from each other both sharing common traits: indiscipline and incivility.

Considering the one involving students of KNUST whom we have learnt have turned their annual hall week activities into periods of vandalism, we are        constrained to point at youthful exuberance steeped in irresponsible behaviour.

It is unfortunate that the excitement of being in a tertiary institution can move some students to lose their senses and so the kind of things which spawned this commentary.

Whatever it is, which drove them to lose their senses, the law enforcement department and the school authorities should discuss how to obviate a future recurrence.

But for the police restraining themselves, the story would have been different from what we reported in our Saturday issue about the campus on Thursday being turned into a war zone, as the Police tried to stop the bedlam.

We are unable to rule out periodic acts of unruliness by students but this should not endanger the lives of others and even lead to the destruction of public and private property, the way it happened at the KNUST last week.

We do not know what the goal of the rioters was but we can vouch that it was anything but positive. Otherwise, the students would not have immobilised the CCTV cameras on campus just so their visages would not be captured as they went on their riotous spree.

As the stone-pelting lasted, parents who followed the occurrence through social media had lumps in their throats unable to tell how safe their wards and children were.

While we express gratitude to the police for eventually restoring normalcy, we shall demand that the immobilisation of the CCTV cameras notwithstanding, investigators should apply all tricks of the industry to track down the brains behind the riotous conduct and the perpetrators.

We recall the near similar incident at the University Of Ghana, Legon earlier and add that such conducts are infectious. If action is not taken against the perpetrators to send the right signals to those who intend replicating the indiscipline elsewhere or even on same grounds where they took place, the nonsense would unfortunately would become features of our tertiary institutions.

The Kroboland’s continuing acts of destruction of public property appears to becoming entrenched.

Like the students of KNUST, the bad nuts in Kroboland who have been engaged in the destructive conduct, should know that Ghana is a land of laws.

The security agencies should go after those who destroyed the properties and arraign them.

Since nobody is above the law, students and Kroboland residents arrested for complicity in the negative acts must be processed for court.