Kuipers Breeders Install Solar Energy

The solar power installation


A solar installation designed to reduce carbon emissions and provide stable and clean energy to Kuipers Breeders Ghana, a poultry farm, has recently been installed by solar energy leaders, Dutch & Co.

The Ghana based firm, was appointed by Kuipers Breeders Ghana earlier this year to design, engineer, supply and construct the 378 KWp ground-mounted solar PV solution at their farm in Sege, in the Dangme East district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Kuipers Breeders Ghana, a leading company in Ghana’s poultry sector, commissioned the solar PV installation in an effort to meet its energy needs while protecting the environment.

The new ground mount solar installation is expected to generate 501,739 kWh of green, stable and clean electricity in its first year of operation, and in excess of 11,500,000 kWh during its lifetime. The solar system’s power output is equivalent to electrifying 670 households.

Furthermore, the carbon footprint of Kuipers Breeders Ghana will be reduced to 5,052 tonnes of CO2 carbon emissions.

Commenting on the new development, General Manager of Kuipers Breeders Ghana, Moses Aidoo, said “We are delighted to have invested in this milestone project. Solar energy is the right solution for us, not only because it provides us with 1/2 energy savings, but it also stabilizes our energy supply which is essential to our operations.

Switching to solar energy means we are subscribing to international protocols, which as an environmentally responsible company, we want to do.

General Manager of Dutch & Co Herbert Friese, added, “Kuipers Breeders and Dutch & Co are both companies of Dutch origin, with a strong passion for Ghana and a long term vision based on providing quality products and services.

With the implementation on the farm in Sege of LED street lights and Solar PV, we were able to stick to our core concept of lowering the demand of electricity using LED, and increasing the supply of green, affordable and stable electricity with Solar PV whilst avoiding CO2 emissions. Kuipers Breeders understand that the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy is not just an opportunity, but rather an obligation.”