Kwabena Gyansah Announces Latest Film “Last Stop”

Ananse Entertainment is thrilled to announce that principal photography has begun for their latest film, “LAST STOP.”

Directed by the acclaimed and award winning Kwabena Gyansah, the film stars Adjetey Anang and Clemento Suarez in leading roles.

This highly anticipated thriller delves into the tumultuous lives of a mini bus (trotro) driver and his mate, who find themselves ensnared in chaos and must fight to survive against formidable odds.

“LAST STOP” boasts a stellar cast including Lydia Forson, Gloria Sarfo, Benedicta Gaffer, Andrew Adote Tandoh, Foster Romanus, Fred Amugi, Kweku Elliot, Solomon Fixon Owo, McPratt Dadzie, and many more.

“Our goal is to tell a captivating and relatable story that takes the audience on an exciting ride throughout the duration of the film.

The film is layered with themes of survival, family, betrayal, greed, and reconciliation that will certainly deliver on its promise,” said Kwabena Gyansah, the film’s director and producer.

Gyansah is known for his previous works such as “Azali,” “Nana Akoto,” and “High Currency.”

Production for “LAST STOP” is slated to continue until mid-July.
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