Mahama: Desperation, Vacillation (2)

John Mahama


Somehow, the opposition NDC has introduced equalisation in its campaign strategy for Election 2024.

The NPP must be reminded that for every economic blueprint that it would introduce, the NDC would outline a certain outline.

By now, most Ghanaians have heard about John Mahama’s 24-hour economy to rival the ever popular digital economy introduced by Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, for which the NDC and their economic analysts and media outlets alleged ignorantly that he had abandoned the economy.

For someone to delink the economy from digitalisation, means that person does not understand the dynamics of the present day economy. Pushed to the wall, Mr. Mahama has turned coat and now saying it is voluntary.

We would take John Mahama seriously if he can assure us that under his watch ministries, departments and agencies would operate a 24-hour economy.

John Mahama has taken to populist policies to win the hearts of the electorate. Therefore, going into the 2024 general election, the contest would be between Dr. Bawumia’s digital economy and the 24-hour economy of John Mahama.

Very interesting times await us for the debate between Dr. Bawumia and Mahama. We would keep reminding our leaders to be consistent with their policies and remarks, but not necessarily for reason of populism.

Let us avoid the path of making the government unpopular just because another election beckons, and offers opportunity for politicians to make wild and exaggerated claims.

We are reminded to watch our tongues in the days ahead, and avoid the unrealistic promises. If we avoid the political trap, we may also avoid the trap of retracing claims that “my residence was nearly sold.”

We are also happy that those in the contest next year are believers in God/Allah and would always uphold the truth in communicating their messages to the voters. And in this regard, we remind the political actors about the Biblical injunction about the truth in Ephesians 4:29. It says, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”

Mr. Mahama, please are you aware that government officials announced that the licensure examination takes off in the 2016/17 academic year when you were in the saddle? What has changed such that the policy option which is the outcome of legislation must be scrapped because a section of the teachers are not comfortable with it?

Again, is Mahama aware of the abysmal performance of some the candidates during the examination earlier this year? Majority of Ghanaians have not been comfortable with teaching and learning outcomes in public schools, and any steps to correct them require our support.

The intentions of Mahama is very clear, that is to win the support of those poor performing teachers, but not in the interest of the country. Check the outbursts of Mahama since he landed on the political scene whether he meant well for the people of Ghana.

It is not only Mahama who is in this attempt to mislead the people. Other leading NDC members and in recent times, Alan’s Butterfly Movement has also taken the path of lies to cause disaffection for the government.

Last Monday, majority of our people heard what transpired at the Speaker’s Forum. The matter concern the Number Three of the land and a simple verification with relevant state agencies would have put the matter to rest without the unnecessary furore.

And is it not unfortunate for a Member of Parliament to take to social media to put a spin on the claim by the Speaker, Mr. A.S.K. Bagbin? Obviously, from where we sit, we reckon that those claims are meant to achieve one effect. That is cause disaffection for government; that it is out to grab state property for itself and its appointees. It tells us that a lot of propaganda and falsehood would be applied by Mahama and his NDC to mislead the people.