Mahama Sings From Home As He Boycotts 67th independence Celebration


The former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, made a strong statement by boycotting the 67th independence celebration.
Instead, he issued a statement from home emphasizing the need for quality leadership, improved governance, and a robust economy.

In his statement, Mahama highlighted the importance of a strong economy that provides opportunities for all citizens, not just a privileged few.
He stressed the necessity for better governance, accountability, and the creation of a society that benefits all Ghanaians.

Mahama called upon the people of Ghana to reflect on the challenges that have influenced the country’s development. He urged them to acknowledge the struggles that have shaped their lives and the nation as a whole.

The former President encouraged Ghanaians to hold onto hope, determination, and a collective will to overcome obstacles and build a better society for present and future generations.
He expressed confidence that with the right leadership, Ghana can regain its position as the Black Star of Africa, as envisioned by those who fought for freedom.

Mahama’s decision to boycott the independence celebration raises questions about his stance on the current government and his intentions for the upcoming elections. It also highlights the importance of addressing the issues he raised in his statement for the progress and development of Ghana.

As the nation commemorates its 67th anniversary of independence, Mahama’s message resonates with many Ghanaians who are seeking positive change and improvement in their country.

By Vincent Kubi