Meet bigBen – The Afro-Soul Act



Nigerian-born musician, songwriter and record producer, bigBen, known in real life as Benedict Uchenna Dike, whose debut single ‘Money’ featured in the 2017 “Rapper of the Year” at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, is back as the new owner of Afro-soul music.

Afro-soul is a music genre that has African characteristics of soul music. It has emotional vocals and a very strong link between other genres like afro-jazz, amapiano, and afrobeats.

bigBen believes the diversity of his music will grab the attention of great music lovers and also pioneer the new music genre, as he seeks to popularise the style both within and outside Africa to gain a global fan base which will help other local artistes make real money.

With the world’s focus on music from Africa now more than ever yet bagging everything into one as ‘afrobeat’, it’s only right that bigBen distinguishes himself and makes known the sound he seeks to front, Afro-soul.

bigBen is optimistic and ready to set his mark in the arts industry through Afro-soul music as a means of expressing one’s emotions; hence his music speaks to the sensibilities of all. “The idea about Afro-soul is to combine afro (Africa) music and merge it with soul music in the sense that it is calm but still groovy,” he stated.

bigBen is driving a wheel of change by impregnating into Africa’s ideology about African music, which is one of his biggest goals; changing African mentality towards music.