Military Base Opens At Bui

A military officer briefing dignitaries about the FOB


THE BUI Power Authority (BPA) in collaboration with the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has established a military base near the Bui power generating plant to protect against imminent terrorists operating in the Sahel region and other illicit activities such as galamsay.

The Forward Operating Base (FOB), will house troops and other necessary military logistics needed to respond to threats from terrorist groups that, according to experts, are operating in the Sahel region.

It will also monitor illegal mining activities at a Dollar Power community in the Savanna Region and provide general security to the Banda District and surrounding communities.

Deputy Defence Minister, Kofi Amankwa Manu and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Bui Power Authority (BPA), Emmanuel Tandoh, assisted the Bono Regional Minister, Justina Awo Banahene, and the chief of Banda Traditional Council, to inaugurate the base.

The FOB boosts of facilities including administration block, guard house, mess and regulatory centre.

Others are a medical centre, observation post, training shed, car park, valley ball court, basket ball court, reefer, cold and ration store, Post Exchange shop and an engineering shop.

The rest are maintenance offices, guard houses, and armory among other critical military installations needed for quick military response.

Mr. Manu, said the government, over the last seven years has invested in the retooling and development of the GAF to respond to operational duties and the needs of troops.

“This base forms part of the government’s broader effort to establish military bases in and around the country to provide adequate security to the people and more importantly, protect strategic national assets and infrastructure like the Bui Power House and others,” he said.

“On the 26th of last month, another FOB was commissioned in the Obuase Municipality also with the support of Anglo Gold Ashanti Ghana, to protect the mine and give security to the area,” he said.

He praised ongoing collaborations between some state and private organizations to complement the government’s effort to equip the GAF to discharge its mandate of protecting the borders of the country and making it safer for the citizenry.

“I pledge the unflinching support to the BPA and stand ready to commit the GAF to the defence of this critical national asset,” he assured.

BPA CEO, Kofi Dzamesi in a speech read on his bahlaf, emphasized the need for the establishment of a military base near the Bui Power House.

He explained that the project is in two phases saying the first phase was started in April 2023 and completed in December 2023.

“Today’s official opening of the base represents a significant achievement for the BPA’s corporate social responsibility to enhance security, increase productivity generate local employment and stimulate economic growth in the Bui enclave,” he said.

Mr. Dzamesi said the project underscores the authority’s commitment to promoting law and order and protecting vital national assets.

Madam Justina Awo Banahene in her speech said the Banda District always witnesses significant developments which go a long way to improve the living standards of the people.

She, thus, appealed to the people to live in harmony with the soldiers and approach the BPA with their problems on issues affecting their lives due to the presence of the dam.

FROM Daniel Y Dayee