‘Missing Big Buttocks Didn’t Take Me Into Depression’

Funny Face

Comedian, Funny Face has dismissed claims that missing his baby mama’s big buttocks sent him into depression.

Speaking on Hitz FM on Monday, he said that was not true, indicating it was rather the strong bond he has with his daughters who were at a point taken away from him that caused his depression.

“The buttocks didn’t take me through depression. The love of my children took me into depression. Do you understand,” he stated.

“Naturally, I am emotional. You know I love other people’s kids deeply; how much more my own,” he added.

Several months ago Funny Face announced that he had suffered depression due to his failed marriages and subsequently losing access to his twin daughters.

His situation got to a point that he was even insulting some prominent figures in Ghana’s entertainment industry in his online videos.

But months later he has managed to have been healed from that phase of his life.