Moroccan Foundation Comes To Ghana

Sheikh Osman Bari

The King Mohammed VI Foundation for African Ulema’s Ghana branch will be launched on Saturday, 27th April, 2019, at the Ghana Academy of Arts & Science in Accra.

The launch is themed: “Common Religious Grounds to Promote Peace and Tolerance”, according to Sheikh Osman Bari – the Secretary General of the foundation and a former diplomat.

The foundation was set up in the highly revered Moroccan city of Fez in June 2016. It was an important world event and coming against the backdrop of the myriads of challenges in several African countries. With some of them entailing insurgencies by extremists such as Boko Haram and Al Shabab, it would definitely provide the intellectual analysis to these countries especially in the African context.

Sheikh Osman Bari is a renowned diplomat who has footprints in the African Union, where he served for many years. He is particularly primed for the responsibility of Secretary General of the foundation’s branch in Ghana.

Scholars of African studies and security experts will find the discourse valuable – sources close to the organizers have told DAILY GUIDE.  

Speaking to the paper yesterday, Sheikh Bari, who is also one of the leading intellectuals in the Zongo community in the country with many publications to his credit, said that “we intend as part of the work of the foundation to organize seminars to bring the youth on board towards equipping them with professional and technical skills. This addresses the development goal of the foundation.”