Mourinho Gives Homeless Man £20

Mourinho showed off his softer side as he pulled out his wallet

JOSE MOURINHO should feel like a million-dollar man after landing the job of his dreams at Manchester United.

And the new Red Devils boss showed he was happy to part with some of his new-found cash after appearing to hand £20 to a homeless man as he took a stroll through Manchester’s city centre.

Mourinho was spotted being followed by a number of homeless people as he paced the streets, and one appeared to be in luck as the Special One dug into his wallet to produce some cash.

Stopping next to a car, Mourinho turned his back to the cameras as he fished around for a note, much to the delight of his new companion.

However, another homeless man was unable to strike gold despite pleading with the Portuguese tactician to show some charity.

Mourinho then strode away with two pals, but the gesture of goodwill could evidently not bring a smile to his own face as a number of eager fans accosted him outside at the Lowry Hotel later that day.

The former Chelsea boss was asked to sign some shirts and even pose for selfies, but he did not seem too impressed with the requests.

The supporters – who had first been clamouring for to see new Manchester City coach Mikel Arteta – mobbed Mourinho as soon as he appeared.