‘My Girlfriend Now Happy I Have Retired From Parties’

Ronaldo Nazario

Former Real Madrid striker Ronaldo Nazario has revealed details of the party lifestyle at the club and claimed some security staff hired by them joined in.

The 43-year-old Brazil World Cup winner—who won three trophies during his time in the Spanish capital—made the admissions during a chat with former Real manager Jorge Valdano, on his show ‘Universo Valdano.’

Valdano began by commenting on how Real’s president Florentino Perez gave him his own security to prevent him from having his private parties, given that the former striker organised many of the antics that went ahead.

Ronaldo gave a hearty chuckle in response to Valdano’s comment and then replied, “Some of the security employees entered the party”.

He went on to add that he only showed his true party colours when the team won, but since in his view the club ‘always won’, his partying appeared more excessive than it actually was.

“It was a wonderful time at Real Madrid and the city of Madrid is the best combination of club and city that you can find,” he continued.

‘There is a legend about it all, more than what it really was. Sometimes I maybe partied too much, but it wasn’t really like that.

“I’ve always been very responsible and I’ve always tried not to hurt my body. Yes, after winning matches I did like to celebrate… and since we always won that was a problem!

“But there is much more to the legend than the reality.”

Ronaldo is now back in LaLiga as president of Real Valladolid and his comments come after he admitted last year that his raucous partying days are well behind him.

He told Off The Ball in November, “My girlfriend now is very happy that I have also retired from the parties – and I miss it so much!”