Nacee  To Share Condoms At Concert


Nacee, a well-known gospel singer and record producer, has announced that he will be sharing condoms during his upcoming gospel concert dubbed “The Kavod Concert 2023.”

He clarified that he decided to give out condoms to music fans at the event because a condom manufacturer is sponsoring his concert.

Comedians Clemento Suarez and Foster Romanus, together with a few gospel musicians, will be performing atthe event scheduled to take place at the National Theatre on November 26.

In an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning last Friday, Nacee stated that more people should use condoms during sexual activity, particularly among couples, adding “this is the reason Total Family Health Organisation (TFHO), the company that makes Ebony Condoms, is supporting the event”.

He said condoms could be a better alternative to prevent pregnancy for women who are allergic to various forms of birth control.

“Females are very sensitive beings. God created you guys differently, and your hormonal balance is kind of totally different. Most of you are not okay with those contraceptive pills when you take them. Most women don’t like it. Some complain that when they take it, they begin to gain weight, and some of them also have reactions after taking it. Married people sometimes want to stay away from pregnancy. So, even if you’re married and you have reactions after taking contraceptives, the only thing that you can use to prevent the pregnancy that you’re not ready for is a condom,” he explained.

Nacee further added that having such a sponsor at his event helps promote the company’s products to make profit, so that employees and employers can pay their tithes in church.

He added that although it is vital to promote the Kingdom of God, money is one of the major requirements to help push the agenda, and so, no matter the business one is engaged in, God accepts their tithes.

“At the end of the day, we need money to push the kingdom. We buy Bibles,” he said.

Asked whether condoms will be shared at the event grounds, he replied, “I’m sure the company will provide some giveaways.”