NDC MP Bodyguard In Gun Spat

THE POLICE bodyguard of Asawase Member of Parliament (MP), Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, has been embroiled in a gun battle drama in Kumasi.

The security agent, who was in uniform and fully armed, was said to have been threatened with a short gun by an alleged New Patriotic Party (NPP) member.

The incident happened at a registration centre in the Asawase Constituency during the voter registration exercise, and it was captured on a video which has gone viral on social media.


Video Footage

In the short video, Muntaka’s bodyguard was seen standing as a civilian, who looked extremely angry pointing a short gun at him in a dangerous manner.

About two military men, who were also in uniform and armed, were seen trying to calm the angry man so that he would not carry out his threats towards the policeman.

What exactly led to the fierce confrontation between the man and the policeman was not immediately known. But people have praised the policeman for his calmness.


NDC Claim

Meanwhile, Faisal Dauda, the Asawase Constituency Treasurer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who claimed to have witnessed the incident, said the policeman deserved applause from all.

He said there was confusion at the registration centre due to lack of security and when Muntaka was called to the place he decided to leave his bodyguard behind to ensure orderliness at the place.

He alleged that one “Boyoo, who is a Delta Force member belonging to the NPP, was not happy with Muntaka’s decision for his bodyguard to provide security at the centre. Boyoo, therefore, introduced himself as a National Security operative, pulled a short gun at the policeman and ordered him to leave the registration centre for peace to prevail.”


NPP Response

Kwabena Nsenkyire, the Ashanti Regional First Vice Chairman of the NPP, said Muntaka’s decision to order his bodyguard to provide security at the centre was not right and that the MP should have contacted the authorities to correct the anomaly and not decide things by himself since he is a major stakeholder in the registration process.

Speaking on the same network, he said the policeman was officially not directed by his superiors to provide security at the registration centre so Muntaka’s move was wrong, adding “the policeman was smart by being calm even in the face of extreme provocation because he knew that he was not meant to provide security at the centre.”

Nsenkyire also said the policeman would have been in big trouble had something bad happened to Muntaka somewhere, whilst he (policeman) was providing security at the registration centre.

“The main work of the policeman was to provide security for the Asawase MP so neglecting his official duty to do something different was an error on his part,” he said.


FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi