NDC Organiser Arrested For Registering Minors


In Dodowa, the district capital for the Shai Osudoku, National Democratic Congress (NDC) Constituency Youth Organizer, Courage Tetteh has been arrested for fronting for the registration of some minors to obtain voter’s ID cards in the ongoing registration exercise.

The arrest was made possible by some New Patriotic Party (NPP) agents who called the police after suspecting foul play and provided evidence that some two minors were indeed below the required age for registration.

Courage Tetteh and the two minors have been taken into custody for further investigation.

Reacting to the issue, Alexander Lukes Odoi, the NPP Deputy Secretary for the Shai Osudoku constituency attributed the behavior of the NDC to their desperation for power.

He alleged that the NDC was registering foreigners and had to seek the intervention of the Zamnama Chief at the Dodowa Zongo to talk to his people.

He also disclosed that Courage Tetteh, who is the youth organizer for the NDC, is contesting in the upcoming assembly election, which could be the motivating factor for his actions.

The NPP’s Communications Officer for the constituency, George Mensah described the behavior of the NDC officer as worrying.

He questioned why the NDC was so desperate in their supposed stronghold and promised that the NPP will continue to remain vigilant.

As of now, officials from the NDC have not made any comments regarding the issue. The vigilance of the NPP Party agents has helped to maintain the integrity of the registration process in Shai Osudoku District, and there is hope that other political parties will follow this example to ensure a fair and peaceful election in December.

By Vincent Kubi