NDC Uses, Dumps Voltarians – Kofi Akpaloo

Kofi Akpaloo


THE opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been accused of not treating the people of the Volta Region, where the party gets most of its electoral votes, with respect.

The presidential candidate of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Kofi Akpaloo, a native of the Volta Region, who made the observation, said clearly the NDC only uses the people of the Volta Region for votes and dump them afterwards.

According to him, he doesn’t understand why the NDC selected someone outside the Volta Region to partner former President John Mahama, the NDC presidential candidate, as his running mate for the 2024 elections.

Kofi Akpaloo, who is noted for his outspoken nature, stated that at least the NDC should have chosen someone from the Volta Region as their running mate for the impending polls, considering the region’s active support to the NDC over the years.

According to LPG presidential candidate, it’s now an open secret that the NDC has taken the people of the Volta Region for granted for a long time, stressing that the Volta Region hasn’t been rewarded by the NDC after long and loyal service.

Kofi Akpaloo, without mincing words, said the NDC are only interested in getting colossal number of votes from the Volta Region but don’t want to reward people from the region, which gives them precious votes in elections.

Tracing history and recounting the support that the Volta Region has given to the NDC over the years, he said ideally the NDC should have chosen a native of the Volta Region as former President Mahama’s running mate for the 2024 polls.

“The NDC only wants Volta votes but they (NDC) are not interested in giving a running mate position to a Voltarian,” Kofi Akpaloo said on Otec FM in Kumasi to buttress his claim that indeed the NDC has taken the Volta Region for granted.

Kofi Akpaloo also predicted that the NDC’s decision to select a person outside the Volta Region as their running mate for the 2024 polls, would spell doom for the party and be a blessing in disguise for his own political party, the LPG.

Akpaloo’s Secret Prayers 

“I prayed fervently that the NDC shouldn’t select a Voltarian as John Mahama’s running mate, and God has answered my secret prayers,” Kofi Akpaloo disclosed, adding that the NDC’s decision has greatly benefitted the LPG.

According to him, the LPG would have faced a fierce competition from the NDC in the Volta Region over votes had the NDC selected a Voltarian as their running mate, saying “but now it’s a smooth ride for the LPG”.

LPG Fights NDC

Kofi Akpaloo also stated that the days when the NDC garnered more votes in the Volta Region during presidential and parliamentary elections in the country is under serious threat as the December 7 polls draw near.

He insisted that the Volta Region is now the LPG’s stronghold, stating emphatically that the LPG would win most of the votes in the Volta Region during the December 2024 polls.

“The Volta Region is now the stronghold of the LPG and we shall win most of the votes from this region in the presidential and parliamentary elections,” he boldly declared.

275 Parliamentary Seats

He also announced that the LPG will contest for all 275 parliamentary seats in the 16 regions of the country, stressing that the LPG is poised and determined to make an impact in the 2024 elections.

According to Kofi Akpaloo, the LPG started their 2020 political campaign very late, and that contributed to their poor showing, pointing out that he has learnt from his mistakes, hence starting their 2024 campaign early.

“In 2020 I campaigned late and it affected my party in terms of votes and the Covid also prevented me from campaigning actively. In 2024, LPG is seriously working to make a strong impact in the polls,” he declared.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi