Next Energy Week To Target Oil Benefits

 Ing Jedidiah Aryeepah


THE NEXT Ghana Energy Week (GEW) celebration, will among other things, focus on ensuring that Ghana’s oil and gas industry supports the country more to help reduce the rate at which the nation relies on foreign aid and assistance for its development.

The next GEW celebration, billed to take place from August 28 –31, 2024 in Accra, will create the platform for the industry players across the public and private sectors to dialogue on the future of the Ghana energy industry.

It will be held under the auspices of the Government of Ghana and the Ministry of Energy.

Ing Jedidiah Aryeepah, Chief Executive Officer of Topside Energy Limited, disclosing this that the event will be Ghana’s largest and only all-encompassing energy exhibition and conference which will bring together the entire energy value chain, and will serve as a catalyst for Ghana’s energy transition goals.

He said there will be an exhibition and networking event, panel discussions, investor forums, industry summit and one-on-one meeting opportunities that will help reshape the trajectory of the country’s and the continent’s energy development.

He said the event will be attended by about 450 exhibitors from various countries and will also focus on integration and collaboration to reverse Africa’s resource curse and support energy explorers and producers across the continent.

“When we support upstream, midstream and downstream projects, we will promote job creation and drive innovation that brings solutions for future challenges in the sector, adding “recognising that the energy transition is shaping the global dialogue, the GEW will also reveal Ghana’s position on the future of the country’s energy sector,” he added.

FROM Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi