NPA Grants Waiver On Automotive Fuels Sulphur Specs

Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid

THE NATIONAL Petroleum Authority (NPA) has indicated that per the ECOWAS directive on Harmonised Specification for Automotive Fuels, it has granted an interim waiver to local refineries licensed to produce and supply diesel and petrol containing sulphur levels not exceeding 1,500 mg/kg (ppm) to the general public.

In a statement issued by its Corporate Affairs Department, the NPA said the directive takes effect from 20th January, 2022 and ends on 31st December, 2024.

“Without prejudice to the interim waiver granted in sub paragraph 1 above, diesel and petrol imported into the country shall continue to comply with the sulphur requirements stipulated at maximum 50 mg/kg (ppm) as contained in the ECOWAS Harmonised Specifications for Automotive Fuels.

“The implementation of the interim wavier is to ensure that local refineries remain operational, whilst they introduce measures to meet the Sulphur requirements stipulated in the ECOWAS Harmonised Specifications for Automotive Fuels.”

The NPA indicated that in view of the introduction of this interim waiver, diesel and petrol produced by local refineries shall be allowed for sale and purchase at retail outlets and may be co-mingled with imported products for sale to the general public.

“Notwithstanding sub-paragraph 4 above, the permissible sulphur levels of diesel and petrol to be sold to the general public, whether co-mingled or not, shall at all times not exceed 1,500 mg/kg (ppm) within the interim waiver period,” it mentioned adding that “The application of this interim waiver to local refineries shall not result in any price differentials in the sale and purchase of diesel and regular petrol at the retail outlets with respect to their permissible sulphur content.”

It gave assurance that notwithstanding the implementation of this interim waiver for the local refineries, the NPA shall continue to ensure strict compliance with approved sulphur levels in the petroleum downstream industry.

“Where fuel from a retail outlet exceeds the sulphur content of 50 mg/kg (ppm), the dealer and oil marketing company (OMC) shall produce documentation evincing the consignment was procured from a local refinery. Failure to produce the required documentation may result in the application of pecuniary penalties in an amount of GH₵30,000.00 on the OMC and/or dealer,” the NPA underlined.

A business desk report