NPP Bigman Accuses Minister’s ‘Aide’ Of Land Grab


One of the founding elders of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhaji Amadu Kaleem, aka Alhaji Business, is accusing one Hamid who he says has been parading himself as an aide to the Minister of the Interior, Ambrose Dery, to forcibly take lands he owns.

According to the NPP veteran, the said Hamid is allegedly using the police SWAT to disturb the peace being enjoyed on the three quarters of an acre land, which he said is located in the Adentan Municipality in Accra.

He said Hamid is allegedly parading for one Jeffrey Jeleel to take the land, which he said, was acquired on September 20, 1978 and registered as No. 769 in 1982.

He said the Adentan Police is aware of the case but the said Hamid had been using his “connections” with the minister to force his way unto the land.

According to Alhaji Business, the land was encroached upon in 2001 by two people and he had to report the matter to then Madina Police for the squatters to move for peace to prevail.

He said Hamid had been using armed policemen from SWAT to fend off his workers to enable him to build on a land that does not belong to him (Hamid).

He said anytime the police asked Hamid to bring his documents to prove ownership of the land he failed but they (Alhaji Business and partners) have been able to produce every document covering the disputed land.

“Anytime the Adentan Police set up a meeting to know who actually owns the land, these guys would never appear before them but I always make sure I am present,” he said.

“They took us to court asking for an interlocutory injunction. The court ordered us to bring all our documents and when they detected that our documents had registration date as 1978 and theirs as 1989, they asked the court to strike out my name from the whole process which I find strange,” he narrated.

“In 2001, when the land was under siege and I had to prevent the situation; why did they not act at that time if they are saying the land belongs to them?” he queried, adding “I am not going to allow this impunity to prevail.”



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