NPP Deputy Women’s Organizer Awarded Outstanding Female Politician


The Deputy National Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) Hajia Safia Mohammed has been awarded the Outstanding Female Politician.

She was honoured at the 5th Edition of the Northern Excellence Awards (NEXA) held in Tamale, the Northern region.

After receiving the award, the Deputy National Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) thanked the Northern Excellence Award committee for recognizing the contributions of women in politics.

“I am honored and humbled to be a recipient of the Northern Excellence Award for Outstanding Female Politician of the Year. This award is not only a recognition of my achievements, but also a testament to the strength, resilience, and determination of women in politics. It is not easy for women to break through the glass ceiling and make their mark in a male-dominated field.”

She was of the view that female politicians have a responsibility to make sure that the voices of women are heard and represented in government.

“We need more women in politics to bring fresh perspectives, diverse experiences, and innovative solutions to the table. Women bring a unique perspective that is often overlooked in a male-dominated political landscape. We also need to ensure that women in politics are not held back by gender bias or discrimination. We need to create a culture of inclusion and equality, where women are empowered to succeed and thrive in politics.”

Hajia Safia noted that the award is a reminder that female politicians have to keep pushing forward, keep breaking barriers, and keep fighting for what they believe in.

“Once again, I am truly grateful for this honor, and I promise to continue to work hard to make a positive impact in the lives of the women, especially within my party and the wider community.”

FROM Eric Kombat, Tamale