‘NPP Has No Rigging Plans’

Peter Mac-Manu

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) yesterday stated emphatically that it has no plans of rigging the forthcoming general election slated for December.

The NPP Campaign Manager, Peter Mac-Manu, said this during a press conference held at the former Greater Accra regional office of the party in Accra.

“The NPP will win the elections based on the good work it has undertaken during the first term of being at the helm,” he said, adding, “The party is not part of any conspiracy with the Electoral Commission (EC) or the National Identification Authority (NIA) to rig the polls as being claimed by the opposition NDC.”

He said, “The NPP does not need a rigging to win an election.”

On the need for a new voters’ register about which the NDC has been attacking government and the EC, Mr. Mac-Manu said that the voters’ roll has been changed every eight years.

“What is it about the 2012 register and the electoral management system that the NDC is banking its hope on it?” he queried the opposition party’s abhorrence for a new register.

Continuing, he questioned why the NDC would threaten violence because of the compilation of a new voters’ register in conformity with the norm of doing so every eight years.

The NDC, he said, should not unleash their violent behaviour on the country, saying, “We will campaign on our work whether new register is compiled or not.”

“Our focus is to justify the confidence reposed in us by the good people of Ghana,” he said.

He asked the NDC whether the one million young people who statistically have attained voting age (18) should be disenfranchised.

“The NDC speaks as if the old register when used will prevent the EC from registering new voters,” he indicated.

He said the Covid-19 pandemic should not stop the country from holding elections.

Mr. Mac-Manu added that other countries in Africa and elsewhere have held successful elections in spite of the pandemic.

By Ernest Kofi Adu