NPP’s Afeku Confident Of Snatching Seat From NDC

Catherine Afeku

An aspiring parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Evalue-Ajomoro-Gwira Constituency of the Western Region, has expressed confidence in leading the party in the constituency, to snatch the parliamentary seat from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2024.

She has described the performance of the current NDC Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Kofi Arko Nokoe in the constituency as retrogressive and abysmal.

The former Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Catherine Ablema Afeku, was speaking to journalists after going through her vetting process, in her bid to lead the party in the constituency into the 2024 general election. Madam Afeku,  who will be contesting against one Justice Kangah, a former constituency organiser of the party, intimated that she is the best person to win the seat from the NDC following her exploits in the constituency when she was the MP.

“Today, the constituency under the leadership of the NDC MP, Arko Nokoe, has regressed instead of progressing. He claimed that he is obstructed by a pole at where he sits inside Parliament House so the Speaker does not see him. But I want the constituents to understand that I have been in the Parliament House before and there are no poles inside the Parliament House.

“For one to be effective in the House, it depends on the person’s lobbying skills, courage and the relationship he or she will have with the fellow MPs. Then for you to be made part of the various Committees, it also depends on the person’s background,” she indicated.

Madam Afeku pointed out that she has all the qualities needed to help bring development to the Nzema constituency. She mentioned that the constituency is a typical swing in the region when it comes to parliamentary elections because, since 1996, no incumbent MP has maintained the seat for continuous two terms.

“I have decided to offer myself again, and I am confident that the delegates will give me the opportunity to be the parliamentary candidate and become the MP to continue the development projects NPP started in the area.

“I am the only female who had since 1992 been able to win the seat for NPP. I lost in 2008 but won in 2016 and I believe I will win again come 2024.

“I understand the challenges and basic needs of the people, that is why I want the opportunity again to demonstrate my ability and network to the people by bringing development and alleviating poverty,” she stated.

She emphasised that she would lobby for developmental projects to be provided in the area to alleviate the plight of the people. Catherine Afeku in 2016, defeated the incumbent NDC MP, Tanikye Kesse to recapture the seat for the NPP, but after four years she been kicked out of parliament by Kofi Arko Nokoe of the NDC.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi