Ohene Bampoe Brenya: The Inspiring Sports Personality


In the world of Ghanaian sports journalism, where professionals have shown brilliance and with every moment a story waiting to be told, one man has distinguished himself as an inspiration to many.

Ohene Bampoe Brenya, the outstanding journalist and charismatic host of Happy98.9 FM’s sports show, “Happy Sports,” is a household name that resonates with sports enthusiasts across the nation.

With a unique and pragmatic style that has captivated the hearts of countless listeners, Brenya’s unparalleled coverage of leagues and thought leadership events is more than just sports reporting; it’s an art form. But who is Ohene Bampoe Brenya beyond the microphone?

A glimpse into his life reveals a multidimensional individual. His academic journey led him to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication, a testament to his dedication to the craft of storytelling. Yet, beneath the surface, he also possesses a background in the technical realm, with knowledge in electrical technician, physics, chemistry, and elective math.

With over thirteen years of experience in the sports industry, Brenya is intrinsically motivated by the pursuit of professional excellence. His dream is to contribute to a better Ghana and a more competitive sports industry.

Brenya recognises the demanding nature of climbing the corporate ladder, but remains dedicated to making time for his family. As he reflects on his career, he cherishes achievements such as organising and moderating the first-ever GFA presidential debate, being part of the management team of Hasaacas Ladies, conquering the West Africa Football Union (WAFU), and securing the second position in the inaugural Women’s CAF Champions League.

He takes pride in playing a leading role in ETV Ghana’s World Cup coverage. His outlook for the future is one of constant improvement. Brenya believes that even when goals remain unattained, the focus should be on lessons learned and growth.

To him, success means becoming the best version of oneself in every endeavour. He emphasises the importance of presenting oneself as one wishes to be addressed, embracing the values of hard work, loyalty and above all the God factor.

Brenya’s dedication to his service as a sports presenter is rooted in his spiritual beliefs as a Christian. He finds fulfillment in this role and offers some advice to the youth: get a mentor, make life-altering decisions about career ambitions, set goals, and work tirelessly to achieve them. For him, there’s no shortcut to success; it’s the dedication and hard work that lead to a life well-lived.

Beyond professional success and public recognition, Ohene Bampoe Brenya is a man of simple pleasures. His favourite Ghanaian dish is the treasured local fufu and a delicious soup. His advice to upcoming sports journalists and presenters is to make good use of the mentors they choose for themselves, learn from their flaws, “decide on what to do and work at it with all your might because there is nothing like free lunch. You have to go the hard way to live a soft life,” he says. Join Ohene Bampoe Brenya on the ‘Happy Sports Show’ every weekday from 9:00am to 11:00am.

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