Papi, Appietus Fight Over 5five Songs



Sound engineer, Appietus and musician Papi of 5five fame have been throwing tantrums at each other over songs both parties worked on for the now defunct group, 5five.

Papi, in an interview on CTV‘s Class Showbiz, alleged that Appietus had, without the group’s knowledge and permission, uploaded to digital stores five songs the group had recorded at the sound engineer’s Creative Studioz.

According to him, Appietus has been selling the group’s songs since 2013.

But in a response, Appietus said he was not paid for the songs he recorded, which automatically granted him the right to the songs.

He denied claims that he uploaded the songs on digital stores illegally, and threatened legal action for defamation.

He added that only ‘African Girlz’ and ‘Tikolon’ were barter songs, and went on to challenge Papi to mention the amount he paid for ‘Muje Baya’. However, Papi could not mention how much he paid Appietus. He replied by asking Appietus, “How much do you charge?”

The exchanges between them led to insults. Papi went on to say ‘Muje Baya’ “made” Appietus the star he is in the industry.

Appietus also alleged that 70 per cent of the songs they made together were successful because of him.

“The truth is, Papi, his group and Bulldog, they’ve never paid for studio fee [working with me].” Ask Papi right now how much he paid me. Ask him if indeed he paid for ‘Muje Baya’. Every time it was barter because they didn’t have money. They’d beg me sometimes. They’d ask me along when they are going to play shows. They have used me,” he alleged.

“They knew the song has been online all this while but they knew they owe me so they never came to ask me about it.  They waited for some years and now that he is bringing his song out, he wants to destroy me and use it as leverage. I’ll take him to court. Papi, you called me on phone and swore that you paid me. If you paid me, Papi, no problem. How much did you pay and where’s the receipt that you and Killy paid me,” he questioned.

The two have since been trending over the issues.