Playing Out A Violent Past (1)

For those who only heard about the violent antecedents of the National Democratic Congress (P/NDC), last Tuesday offered them a rare glimpse into those bloody days of the political grouping.

The opposition NDC, always yearning to play out something from their murderous playbook, were at their notorious best last Tuesday when their specially inebriated supporters, drawn from various criminal joints within Accra and without, pelted the police and even passing commercial vehicles with stones as they demonstrated in some parts of Accra.

The demonstration under review was one of the many the party intends to rely on in furtherance of their project of making the country ungovernable. Just how such shows of indecency and uncouthness can contribute towards their political fortunes is something beyond our ken.

The PNDC has bequeathed to the NDC a feature of violent politicking an attribute which has remained with the party since its formation. We recall former President John Mahama’s boastful reference to this attribute some years back. It was a reference which he made as though it is something worthy of plaudits.

We salute the professionalism exhibited by the law enforcement officers who although were in the streets to protect the demonstrators, endured the pain of stone-pelting by the pack of hooligans organised to cause fear and panic.

We find it inappropriate that those who want an opportunity to one day rule this country would refuse to alter their disrespect for constituted authority and rather do everything for power including putting up such violent conduct.

Last Tuesday’s street hooliganism was sanctioned by the leadership of the NDC who would have been held responsible for any fatality had there been any.

We condemn without mincing words, the show of irresponsible conduct by the leadership of the NDC which engaged criminals they have nurtured over the years for assignments such as last Tuesday’s.

Ghanaians would not be cowed into submission by the opposition NDC through such unethical and chaotic conduct.

To even demand to undertake a protest march after dusk as they did, is indicative of the sinister project on the chest of the NDC.

If this is a crop of Ghanaians which managed the affairs of this country, then we should not have challenges determining why the NDC was voted out during the last elections.

The IGP, Dr. George Akufo Dampare, might have given orders to his officers to be very professional which they did, but for how long shall we tolerate this nonsense in this country?

The police officers were enlisted in law enforcement to serve their motherland but when these young men and women come under a barrage of pelted stones without provocation by uncouth drunkards, then we have cause to express dismay.

Even while they must be professional, the law enforcement officers must be able to ward off actions which are intended to kill or maim them by criminal agents of the wicked NDC leaders. Shame NDC, Shame NDC!!

We shall return.