Please Move On – Churchill To Tonto Dikeh

FLASHBACK: Tonto Dikeh and Churchill


Olakunle Churchill has asked his ex-wife, Tonto Dikeh, to move on as it has been seven years since they went their separate ways.

This comes after the duo took to social media to drag themselves over their son, King Andre.

It all started when Churchill decided to wish his son a happy birthday. He shared his son’s photo and added that he misses him and hopes to see him soon. This got many of his followers to ask Tonto to make the kid available to his dad.

However, it only attracted attacks from the actress.

She said Churchill was nothing more than a sperm donor and regretted choosing him as the father of her son.

She alleged that Churchill never financially contributed to their family during their marriage, cheated on her with his current wife, Rosy Meurer, and is involved in fraudulent activities. She also alleged he has more wives and is broke.

In his response, Churchill urged his ex-wife to move on.

According to him, even if he has multiple wives and children without money, it is none of her business. He asked that she focus on her life and forget about the past.

He wrote: “If I have 10 wives, 10 children, I get money or I no get, e no concern you. Deal with the past and move on and focus on your life. Forget history, it has been seven years, please move on. It’s election period (sic).”