Policy Reversal Humdrum

John Mahama

Former President John Mahama’s E-Levy propaganda which he released last week qualified for banner headlines in newspapers not because of its sincerity and quality, but for the derision it triggered.

Most Ghanaians know the former President too well that, they would not be hoodwinked into believing that he is now a changed personality who has shed his old reckless ways of governing the country.

Behaving like he has already won the nod of his party to lead them into the 2024 electoral duel, he has started hurling dud shots at government, all with the sole aim of reducing his competitors to nothingness.

Unfortunately, as he continues on this tangent, he is unwittingly exposing his underbelly for shots picked from his basket of abysmal performance when he told Ghanaians that he cannot put money into their pockets.

Ghanaians, in spite of the amnesia, he claims they suffer from, have not forgotten about how the country came close to the economic precipice in the twilight of his tenure.

With incompetence so glaring on the governance and economic space, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had a walkover at the polls. Only incompetence, on his part, accounted for the margin of loss he endured at the polls.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s “incompetent” chorus resonated so widely that its role as a political catchword was not in doubt.

The former President is trying hard to present a picture of a country at the crossroads doing so as he downplays the fallouts of COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Blimey! Incompetence even in crafting a witty campaign tag on the part of a man touted as a communication expert?

It sounds preposterous and insulting to the intelligence of Ghanaians that the former President is dangling in front of them the cancellation of E-Levy in the unlikely event of him returning to the headship of this country.

Policy reversal propaganda without adducing viable and convincing alternatives, under the circumstances, are mere hot air evaporated before being noticed.

At home, the former President downplays the effect of COVID-19 and the Russian/Ukraine war claiming they could not have been responsible for the state of the economy today.

When he is elsewhere, as he did during his engagement in the US, he subscribed to the fact that indeed the whole world is enduring an untoward economic malaise attributable to the foregone.

The country’s economy today is better than when it was in the hands of the former President verifiable economic figures exist to prove this.

The health of economies are determined by fundamentals not by the cheap postulations of a desperate and frustrated politician.