Politically Born-Again Mahama

John Mahama

Former President John Mahama presenting himself as a politically born-again personality has come with laughable consequences.

We are in for an interesting election season as he criss-crosses the country spewing fresh theories which for him could change the fortunes of the country.

These theories were non-existent at the time he was at the helm, we can presume. Otherwise things could not have gone so bad that he could virtually tell fretting unemployed graduates to go to hell.

Sympathising with him at this time of his born-again campaign is an act of humanness as the internet archives refuse to dispose of their contents.  His opponents are just waiting to pour them out.

Be it as it may, his latest release as he seeks to be born again is that his loss during the last polls was an act of God and favourable to him.

Unfortunately, he went to court unknowing to him at the time that predestination counts in life politics presenting a special case. God, the dictum goes, anoints kings, which we wish to extend by saying that humans only play their parts but the Omnipotent is the final maker. Now that the former President is coming to terms with this reality, we can heave a sigh of relief.

We are glad to learn that on hindsight he now appreciates the fact that he lost the elections. We the people of Ghana, the majority of us, are unhappy about the waste of time the judiciary endured as the case lasted, when indeed he had no case.

Next time he loses an election, there is one more to go, he should give everything to Jehovah and back off the political arena without hurling stones at the Electoral Commission (EC).

As a practicing Christian, he did not accept the outcome of the polls and even called the EC’s Chairperson all manner of nomenclatures in a useless bid to discredit her office. Fortunately such efforts always end up in futility, and these were no exception.

Politics is about convincing people to vote for you or share the same political trench with you.  When former Presidents speak in their bids to run down their opponents, they should do so with circumspection, especially when their tenures were not Nirvanas and were littered with myriad drawbacks.

We are in a better position now to question the former President especially if he continues taking Ghana back inadvertently to the days when he was in charge of a country which endured countless challenges.

He himself admitted to his compatriots about an existing system bereft of flesh. There was no option than to resort to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which he did, tail behind hind legs.

For a country to be wallowing in the wilderness of dumsor in the face of dying businesses during his tenure, honestly, the former President should take it easy as he dabbles in subjects beyond his ken.

We shall return now that it appears the former strongman is nowhere letting go the crap of having solutions to the challenges of running a country in post COVID-19 circumstances and a world enduring the travails of the fallouts of a Russo/Ukrainian war.