Producer Price Inflation Eases To 11.8%

Prof. Samuel Kobina Annim, Government Statistician

THE YEAR-on-year inflation from the producer’s perspective for all industry was 11.8% in February 2020.

This rate is 2.7 percentage points lower than the rate recorded in January 2020 (14.5%).

The monthly change rate for February 2020 was -0.3%.

The Mining and Quarrying Sub-Sector recorded the highest year-on-year producer price inflation rate of 26.1%, followed by Utilities subsector with 12.3%.

The Manufacturing Sub-Sector recorded the lowest year-on-year producer inflation of 8.7%. With respect to the monthly changes, Utilities Sub-Sector recorded highest rate of -0.1%, followed by Mining and Quarrying Sub-Sector, -0.2%.

The Manufacturing Sub-Sector recorded the lowest rate of -0.4%.

The Producer Price Index (PPI) measures the average change over time in the selling prices of goods and services as received by domestic producers.