Quick Angels Limited Launched

Richard Nii Armah Quaye speaking at the launch of Quick Angels Limited

Quick Angels Limited, a wholly owned Ghanaian company focused on supporting start-ups and business growth in the country, has begun operations.

The company, located along the Ring Road close to Ernest Chemist, promises to be a leader in Angel investment in Ghana and beyond by promoting entrepreneurship through strategic partnerships.

An angel investor, also known as informal investors or seed investors, injects capital into start-ups in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.

“Our mission is to drive innovative commercial Angel Investments that seek to propel Ghanaian start-ups and also restore promising businesses through strategic partnerships that exceed expectations,” said Richard Nii Armah Quaye, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Quick Angels.

He said the company would provide services, including start-up equity financing, early stage equity financing, business growth equity financing, SME equity financing and buying and selling of businesses.

Narrating the story behind the establishment of Quick Angels Mr. Quaye highlighted the struggle entrepreneurs go through in acquiring funds for their businesses.

“Ten years ago I embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur…so I decided to look out for financial assistance. I went to as many financial institutions as I could, but the answer was no because it was a start-up with little or no substantial financial records,” he noted.

The Quick Angels CEO indicated that he therefore decided to establish the investment entity to support young entrepreneurs.

“Today I put myself out as our country’s only formal and industrialized Angel Investor, who is ready and more than willing to support all potential and existing entrepreneurs through strategic partnership. We will ensure a win-win relationship for all parties,” he added.

Yoofi Grant, the CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Corporation (GIPC), in a speech read on his behalf, expressed his excitement at the mission of Quick Angels, adding that it aligns perfectly with the agenda of government to support young businesses.

He encouraged the new company to take advantage of the Youth Entrepreneurship Forum which mentors start-ups to give opportunities to deserving young companies.

John Kumah, CEO of National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan, also commended the efforts of Quick Angels.

He said such entities must support small businesses to thrive, adding that the amazing entrepreneurs celebrated worldwide were all funded by entities like Quick Angels Limited.

He also reiterated government’s commitment to supporting the company to grow.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri