Response 1 Responds To Afua Asantewaa Burglary Need …Signs Her As Ambassador


Response One Ghana Limited, the vanguard of innovative fire and security solutions for homes and businesses, has proudly announced the signing of the trailblazing Afua Asantewaa as its new brand ambassador. This strategic partnership, encapsulated in a three-year renewable contract, sees Response One stepping in with its premier security service to safeguard the residence of the Guinness World Record aspirant in the vibrant heart of Accra.

At a dignified signing ceremony held at their Ringway Estates-Osu headquarters, the CEO of Response One articulated their mission: “At the helm of security innovation, Response One is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of security services in Ghana. We’re thrilled to welcome Afua Asantewaa, a symbol of national pride and determination, into our family, especially in the wake of her commendable record attempt and the unfortunate burglary incident. Our top-tier security installation at her home is a testament to our commitment to tranquility and safety, ensuring she, and by extension all our clients, can enjoy peace of mind like never before.”

Asantewaa, embracing her new role with gratitude, expressed, “This ambassadorship is not just a role; it’s a commitment to champion the cause of security, to protect lives and properties with unwavering dedication. The recent break-in at our home was a harrowing experience, yet, thanks to Response One’s cutting-edge security measures, we’ve reclaimed our peace and assurance. I’m eager to foster this partnership, advocating for a safer, secure tomorrow.”

Response One is pioneering a new dawn of security services in Ghana, backed by over two decades of excellence and a sterling reputation for remote monitoring solutions that guarantee peace of mind for a growing client base. In today’s world, where security is of the essence, Response One harnesses advanced technology for 24/7 property monitoring with smart devices, delivering instant alerts at the slightest hint of a security breach, ensuring prompt and effective responses to potential threats.

What distinguishes Response One is their adeptness in crafting bespoke security solutions that integrate seamlessly into daily life, offering control and connectivity across homes and offices through an intuitive application accessible worldwide. This era of smart living is further enhanced by Response One’s commitment to smart home technology, enabling intelligent, secure, and efficient living.

The company’s strategic alliances with the Ghana Police and leading global security service providers such as, ESA, Qolsys, Hikvision, Powertech, Secolink, and others underscore their holistic approach to security. Response One’s state-of-the-art security monitoring facility in Accra, coupled with their wide-ranging client base across sectors like banking, mining, education, and services, underscores their unparalleled expertise in delivering security solutions that are both innovative and reliable.

With Response One, clients are not just investing in a security system; they are embracing a lifestyle of convenience, safety, and smart living, supported by a legacy of trust and technological prowess.

Additionally, the establishment of the Electronic Security Training Institute – ESTI, underscores Response One’s commitment to fostering expertise in electronic security and life safety, paving the way for a safer, more secure future.