Pot-Carrying Black Stars Supporter Boasts Of 2 Wives, 6 Side-Chicks


Obour, renowned for carrying a pot during Black Stars games to show support for the team, has disclosed that he is managing with two wives—one Brazilian and one Ghanaian—aside from six side chicks.

Unfazed by the complexities of his relationships, Obour boasted that women are attracted to him because of his fine character. “I have children with about three or four women in Ghana,” he disclosed, adding, “I’m married to one of them. I also have a wife in Brazil, so that makes it two wives.”

Speaking in an interview with Delay, Obour noted, “I have concubines too. I don’t pursue them; they pursue me. They are drawn to me because of my character. In total, I have about six concubines. One is at Taifa, the others are at Pokuase, Barrier, East Legon, and Osu.”

Obour confidently asserted that his wives were aware of his charismatic nature and would not be bothered by his romantic affairs or interactions with other women.

“My wife knows I’m admired by ladies. She understands I’m an entertainer. If she ever sees me in a compromising situation and feels unhappy, she should intervene,” he stated.

Meanwhile, shedding light on his distinctive pot-carrying tradition during matches, Obour, also known as Samuel Aggrey, assured the show host, Delay, that his pot is securely grounded and would not fall. “It won’t fall; it cannot. It is grounded,” he affirmed.

When questioned about any discomfort caused by carrying the pot, Obour dismissed concerns, stating, “Not at all. Once you master something, it becomes second nature. The pot is like an extension of myself.”

Obour, affectionately captured among Ghanaian football fans during Black Stars tournaments, remains a notable figure, often seen proudly displaying his pot alongside other passionate supporters.