Sefah-Danquah Hosts ‘Happy Morning Show’


Samuel Kwadwo Sefah-Danquah, affectionately known as “Sefah”, a prominent Ghanaian radio personality is host of Happy 98.8 FM’s Happy Morning Show.

The show is a socio-economic and political morning show aimed at highlighting everyday issues, as well as giving people a voice.

Sefah-Danquah’s commitment to lifelong learning is evident in his diverse training experiences. He underwent twelve weeks of intensive radio broadcasting training at RABODEF Radio Academy in Accra, Ghana, and spent a year as a Fellow of Democracy Series for Participatory Learning and Action by Youth (DESPLAY) in Abuja, Nigeria. He also participated in the African Journalists for Opportunity Training by the Institute for Liberty and Policy and the Generations for Peace Advanced Samsung Training in Amman, Jordan, as a training facilitator.

His journey in the media industry began in June 2013 at now defunct Choice 102.3FM, and he envisions himself as an integral part of his organisation, GMABC, contributing to its growth and success.

Sefah-Danquah is known for his unwavering work ethic, passion for people, and a strong belief in fairness and honesty. He is both ambitious and patient, seeking alignment with God and nature.

Listeners can join Samuel Kwadwo Sefah-Danquah on ‘Happy Morning Show’ every weekday from 5:30am to 9:00am, where they can expect to be educated, informed, inspired, and engaged in meaningful socio-political discussions with his co-hosts Fati Shaibu-Ali and Prince Brown.