Serial Molester Peeps From Hibernation

Prof Ransford Gyampo

Ghanaians are not suffering from amnesia. Not when the name of a serial sexual predator is mentioned. Or when such a dangerous adult male with unbridled libido risks public opinion and appears on radio programmes to cast aspersions on politicians.

We wish we were devoting today’s editorial space for other subjects and not the man the BBC would hardly consider for an appearance on its programmes or others in other jurisdictions.

Subjects bordering on morality are equally important, and it is on this note that we proceed to discuss Prof Ransford Gyampo who, it would appear, is breaching the terms of an unwritten parole.

Appearing in the twilight of last week on Newsfile did not help him at all, with his unproductive castigation of Hawa Koomson and Freddie Blay on his firing line, thereby exposing his underbelly for sustained fire.

He took issues with Freddie Blay for his stance on Hawa Koomson vis-a-vis the firearm incident because he is a politician and also the National Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party.

People in different professions and occupations sometimes find themselves in unusual circumstances and have to take decisions on the hoof, especially when these are about life or death.

Prof Gyampo should remember the situation he found himself in when his victims, young helpless lasses, narrated their ordeal under his dictatorship. His situation varied from Hawa’s because whereas his was about an uncontrollable libido, hers was a female politician facing a gang of thugs.

In some jurisdictions, a serial molester like Prof Gyampo will remain in hibernation for longer nowhere near a radio station until he is purged of the moral filth he has accumulated on his image.

For him to condemn those who explained the circumstances in which the female politician found herself and the action she took is to display ignorance about the political hotspots in the country of which Kasoa is one.

Hawa Koomsom, a politician like former President John Mahama, undertook trips to the registration centres to appreciate the exercise and above all encourage people to go and discharge their civic responsibilities.

The constituency she represents, as mentioned earlier, is a peculiar one.

Her action was, of course, dictated by the situation she found herself in but this serial molester chose to ignore that for reasons he knows best.

Prof Gyampo who merely found himself  at the University of Ghana, Legon, and using the opportunity to predate young innocent female students should know that he has as the Yankees would put it ‘lost is mojo and should shut up.’

See who is talking about what is right and the contrary.