‘Side Chick’ Sues Sugar Daddy For Breach Of Contract


AN UNEMPLOYED lady in Accra has sued her ‘sugar daddy’ for failing to take care of her needs as agreed upon between the two.

The plaintiff, Deborah Seyram Adablah, in a suit filed before an Accra High Court avers that the defendant who is the Chief Financial Officer of a prominent bank, has failed to fulfil his promises to her which included giving her a lump sum to start a business after her National Service, buying her a car, pay for her accommodation for three years, give her a monthly stipend of GH¢3,000, and marrying her after divorcing his wife.

The plaintiff alleges that she is in a parlor relationship with the defendant, which began in 2020 when she was posted to the bank to do her National Service.

She claims the relationship began from what she described as sexual harassment and abuse from the defendant who is a superior officer who wielded a lot of power, and she only gave in in order not to find working at the bank a nightmare.

Ms. Adabla avers that the defendant fulfilled his promise of renting her a two-bedroom apartment at the cost of GH¢1,500 a month but for only one year instead of three, which has since expired, and she is on the verge of being evicted.

She further avers that the sugar daddy has also bought her a Hyundai Civic at the cost of GH¢120,000 but the documentation to the vehicle is in the name of the defendant, who has failed to transfer the ownership to her.

She claims the defendant has now become hostile towards her since she refused to allow him have unnatural carnal knowledge with her.

“Plaintiff avers that, in furtherance of the 1st defendant wanting to have sexual intercourse with her without protection from 1st defendant, he put the plaintiff to a risky medical family planning treatment even though, the parties knew the risk entailed, which she brought to the attention of the 1st defendant. 1st defendant therefore paid for plaintiff’s family planning treatment at Marie Stopes Clinic Kokomlemle, Accra and also paid for her medical bills each time she faces the effect of the family planning injection which made her to bleed excessively.”

She is, therefore, asking the court to order the sugar daddy to transfer the title of the Hyundai Civic to her, a refund of GH¢10,000.00 as cost of repairs of her car which he promised to refund but failed.

She is also asking that the sugar daddy pays her a lump sum money to enable her start a business to take care of herself as agreed between her and the man.

Again, she wants the court to order the man to pay the remaining two years of her rent, the outstanding arrears of her monthly allowance from July 2022 to the date of judgment and pay all medical expenses as a result of the side effects of the family planning treatment.

BY Gibril Abdul Razak