Some Persons Are Nauseating

John Mahama


There are some individuals and group of people whose behaviours are very nauseating.

These people do not want to play by any rules of engagement but to be judges in their own cause. They want to be treated with kid’s gloves otherwise nothing else should happen in the society. These elements cry wolves when there are very harmless creatures around.

It is sad to note that these people who a section of society holds in very high esteem have nothing to show in the public space except their distinguishing characteristics of seeking self interests. They do not care to shout fire, fire in a crowded place just to cause a stampede that poses threat to life and property.

We are referring to the opposition NDC, whose members think they have the divine right to rule Ghana or dictate the conduct of public affairs in the country. They have not hidden their intentions to derail the ongoing limited voters’ registration exercise. Prior to this exercise, the NDC led by its flagbearer, John Mahama, the National Chairman, Johnson Asiedu Nketia and other apparatchiks have never missed the opportunity to chide the EC for allegedly scheming to rig the elections in favour of the ruling NPP.

The NDC has the penchant to create imaginary settings on the electoral space just to create the opportunity for them to blame the EC for its defeat at the national polls. The NDC has no machinery to win elections. It is only good at propaganda and violence during exercises like the ongoing voters’ registration exercise. The pockets of violence recorded during the ongoing exercise can be attributed to only one stakeholder, the NDC, that wants to be the player in the election game, but insist to be allowed to be the referee as well.

This kind of arrangement happens only in the world of the NDC that thinks it must be given the right to write serial numbers of all the BVRs as a safeguard against the EC’s rigging agenda.

We have not forgotten the assertion by John Mahama that “when it comes to unleashing violence nobody can beat us to it,” adding “NDC has a revolutionary root.”

In the meantime, it is the NDC that has become notorious for the electoral offences of registering minors, double registration and encouraging foreigners to register. The NDC also has the appetite for bussing eligible voters from their strongholds to beef up their support base in their orphan constituencies. The NDC has made it a policy to undermine the mandate of the EC with unsubstantiated claims, with support from IMANI and some media persons who think that the EC is in bed with the NPP to rig the December 7, 2024 elections.

The man who styles himself General Mosquito, and doubles as the National Chairman of the NDC has fired a salvo at the EC. It is the normal polemics of the NDC to the EC anytime they are in opposition to demand their pound of flesh, outside the remit of the Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAC).

The NDC unashamedly quit the IPAC on some trump up grievances, but it returned to the Committee after it realised the electoral train was leaving without it. The NDC is better advised to work towards winning elections with policies and ideas but not propaganda.

The NDC would not regain power because the governing NPP has faced some challenges in the governance of the country. What was the record of the NDC under Mahama from 2012 to 2016?

If really the 24-hour economy is the game changer as being posited by John Mahama and his parliamentary candidates, why are they not able to explain it to the people beyond the sloganeering? We serve notice on Asiedu Nketia to take his hands off the EC and allow it to work in tune with what his master, John Mahama said about the Charlotte Osei-led EC in 2016.