Standing Up To The Political Bullies!


Being bullied is not easy to cope with and there are no simple solutions. Bullying can leave one feeling helpless, vulnerable, and confused. One is often so shocked, embarrassed, or upset that one is not sure what to do. Unfortunately, this indecision or lack of response can open the door to more bullying.

I’ve learnt through experience that bullies most often recoil into their shell when challenged. If one doesn’t speak up when being bullied, the act will continue. Bullies often do not expect someone to stand up to them. In fact, they often target persons they know they can intimidate. So standing up to a bully by fighting or telling them confidently to stop can do the trick.

I remember vividly how the biggest boy in my class, Fatawu, bullied me and my other classmates.  He always took the little opportunity to intimidate us. He seized our food, money and toys at will and threatened to beat anyone who dared to report him to the teacher.

The intimidation, which started in primary one, continued till we got to primary three when I finally stood up to Fatawu’s intimidation. That fateful day, I was eating my fried egg sandwich when Fatawu appeared from nowhere and demanded that I gave him the food, which I declined. Before I could say Kofi, Fatawu had given me a hefty slap. Angered by his actions, I jumped and headbutted him. Fatawu who was initially shocked, quickly regained composure and retaliated with some heavy punches to my face. Confused and dazed, I bit his chin as if my whole life depended on it. He shouted his lungs out as he felt the pangs of my bite.

We were soon separated. I was lucky it happened at that time. Looking at the anger written on his face, I shuddered to imagine what Fatawu would have done to me. Though I exhibited a puffy face, I was generally considered the victor as Fatawu was bleeding copiously from the nose and chin.

Everyone began to stand up to him. Smallish Kwaku Ogboro fighting him had emboldened others too to resist his bullying. That marked the end of Fatawu’s bullying in the school.

Similar scenario is being played out on the country’s political scene. We saw how  Zu-za and their acolytes shit-bombed media houses perceived to be aligned to the Great Elephant. We were in this country in 2009 when the Akwatia ‘jihadists’ unleashed mayhem on Hon. Dan Botwe and other members of the Elephant fraternity during the Akwatia election re-run. The ‘Azorka Boys’ repeated the dose by inflicting severe injuries on Osono youth during the Chereponi by-election a month later. We also saw the Atiwa by-election violence where the then Zu-za Women’s Organizer severely injured about 14 people when she drove her vehicle into a group of Osono supporters.

Abusuapanin, how many times haven’t we heard threatening speeches from the Zu-za camp? I’m sure you’ve heard the “boot for boot” rhetoric before, haven’t you? What about “do or die”? Again, did we not hear President Ogwanfunu tout their ‘revolutionary roots and how to unleash violence”? Did we recently not hear General Ntontom say Zu-za was ready to spill human blood to win the 2024 polls? Massa, the list of the threats from the political bullies is endless.

I was therefore beside myself with joy when I heard the declaration by Bryan Acheampong that the Elephant would retaliate in kind if members of the eagle-headed Umbrella made good their threat of violence in 2024 polls. What is treasonable about this statement?

I have watched the Bryan Acheampong video many times and I’m very convinced that the import is to stand up to the political bullies in Asomdwekrom. The political bullies are worried because they know what Bryan Acheampong is capable of, considering their experience during the Ayawaso West-Wuogon by-election.

I understand Zu-za’s apprehension. They are worried that the Elephant fraternity is now standing up to their bullying. After unleashing violence for many years and touting their revolutionary roots without any response, the political bullies are shocked to see the resistance of those being bullied.

Indeed, the days of sitting aloof to be cheated and later writing “stolen verdicts” are over. The political bullies have “The Heroes’ Fund”. But we wait to see if their so-called heroes will live to enjoy from the said fund. A word is certainly enough to the wise!

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!