Still On IMF Naysayers


Most Ghanaians have not forgotten how things got so bad in this country when the immediate past administration was at the helm.

The irregular power supply and outages, the order of the day, affected businesses so badly that not only did sole proprietorships fold up under the weight of the prevailing challenges but bigger business concerns. The outcome of the foregone was a rise in the unemployment figures.

The sometimes inappropriate remarks used by the then President in reaction to public opprobrium over mounting instances of bad governance and economic challenges are in the archives of the internet.

In 2015, Ghana under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was shepherded to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Today, making that option look like a novelty and even bastardising the recent package has become a pastime for NDC apparatchiks.

The subtle confidence of the IMF in the crop of Ghanaians at the throttles of the ship of state is enough approval rating. Partnering the Government of Ghana in the resuscitating journey is so refreshing. The illuminating light at the end of a previous dark tunnel is heartwarming and the IMF package can only be brandished as a game-changer.

Let them tell Ghanaians how they would have managed the country under the circumstances the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration found itself in the aftermath of COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Did we hear them fault the negotiation with the IMF? Sounds crazy, for want of a better expression.

What deal is better than avoiding the scrapping of the social interventions being championed by the government? The free Senior High School (SHS) stays and there is no freeze in public sector employment, and those who messed up the economy of this country in an unprecedented fashion are saying what?

Spewing propaganda and playing to the gallery cannot be equated with wisdom.

What good policy can be attributable to them which has inured to the goodness of the people of Ghana?

We know where the funds which have come the way of this country have gone. We can point at the ongoing construction of the rail network, a capital intensive project, the free SHS and many others.

At the time they took the country to the IMF in 2015, didn’t they know that they were creating challenges for the next government? Today they are playing this card as if Ghanaians want a dose of the bad governance of the NDC. What a joke from the NDC stable!

The political iniquities of the NDC are multiple and recallable thanks to the internet.  These we shall pull out for the consumption of Ghanaians who fortunately no longer suffer from amnesia.

The uselessness of the “father for all” mantra of the late President John Evans Atta Mills is still fresh in our memories.  Prof Frimpong Boateng, Prof Ken Attafuah and others will bear witness to the useless mantra when the NDC assumed power.

The upward adjustment of tariffs as a conditionality is what the NDC loudmouths are harping on as a drawback of the IMF. These conditionalities factually stand as the best deal ever for a package from the global lender.

Won’t it be appropriate if they told us what they would have done were they in the shoes of those at the helm now?

Utopian policies have no place in our digital world today. We are moving forward and the naysayers can please themselves with more of the jokes as Ghana returns to a smooth ride after the bumpy days preceding the bailout.