Stop Foreigners From Registering

The registration exercise has started and we too endorse the President’s call that all Ghanaians should go and register as voters.

A critical register of voters is being compiled and for the first time in several years, we are about to see the true number of the enfranchised in this country.

No longer shall we be dazed by unconvincing figures from so-called ‘World Banks.’ Nobody and we repeat nobody who is a true citizen of this country will be denied their right of being registered. It is just not possible, the contrary only being spread by evil persons as part of their vile propaganda.

We entreat managers of our national security to do more in securing our frontiers because the infiltrators have been told to be on standby. That is a national duty which should not be compromised by the unnecessary noise of those who are pained because no longer can they shepherd Togolese and others into our country to register and even vote.

Elections in Ghana and the registration of the players are meant for the citizens of this country only. Ghana is only a part of West Africa and does not represent the sub-region. Citizens of our neighbouring countries who attempt to do so are committing a serious crime and those encouraging and supporting them to do so are equally guilty of the offence. Such persons, when they are identified, should be reported to the security agencies for the necessary action.

The previous breaches should be confined to the dark chapters of our political history.

It is amazing that while non-citizens will not dare attempt registering and voting in the electoral process in countries like Togo, Niger and Ivory Coast, in Ghana, until now, it was very easy to do so.

Painfully and sadly there are Ghanaians who because of their parochial political interests would encourage non-Ghanaians to do so here and they succeeded in the past.

Those who manage to acquire our citizenship documents, there are a few who have managed to do so, must be exposed for the necessary investigations to be undertaken on them.

The citizenship of a country is a security issue of exceptional importance and should be guarded by both the security agents and the citizens alike.

There are areas where because of cultural and faith commonness between foreigners and citizens, the former are able to with the connivance of some of the latter falsely acquire our passports and other security documents.

Let us expose such persons regardless of who they are. Those who live within the communities know the strangers in their midst and, therefore, vouch for their statuses for the purpose of such important exercises as being undertaken by the EC for the next four weeks or so.

All must support the country to acquire a clean electoral roll because a flawed voters’ register begets a flawed verdict.