Successful Failures On The Prowl (2)


The Kufuor government in the 2000s tried using a different model to provide affordable housing throughout the country, but it did not make the desired impact as the Mills/Mahama regimes refused to continue the projects at Borteyman and Asokore Mampong because of the unwritten party manifesto not to have anything to do with continuity.

So in the injury time of the Mahama administration, the government secured $500 million to undertake the 5,000 Saglemi housing project but ended up providing 2,000 units at the cost of $198 million.

This matter is before court now with a former minister and government officials facing trial for causing financial loss to the state. The NPP government has decided not to continue with the project citing improper behaviour of the erstwhile NDC government in tackling the project.

It is alleged by the Ministry of Works and Housing officials that the housing units that have been provided so far are not fit for purpose. In fact, they are said to be “alkoto” to wit empty shells.

It appears the NDC likes “alkoto paaa” as it is recalled they imported empty shells as ambulances, which is also a matter before the courts.

And to reduce the housing deficit, President Akufo-Addo last week cut the sod for the Pokuase housing project, a move that has incensed the opposition NDC, especially Mr. John Mahama to descend heavily on the government, describing its decision not to continue with the Saglemi housing project in very unpalatable terms.

The distinguishing characteristic of Mr. Mahama is his resort to insults instead of constructive criticism in our political conversations.

As it is to be predicted in the run-up to the political season, the NDC’s allies in the media, academia and civil society have taken the government for having the guts to begin a new project instead of completing the Saglemi project.

The unfortunate thing in this attempt to use the media to set the agenda, the NDC fails to provide the facts of the issues but instead of doing fact check they go to town with propaganda to poison the society.

And without shame the media houses look on unconcerned during phone-ins for the public to impose their ignorance on the people without the urge to apply the journalistic ethics.

Listen to Sam George threatening fire and brimstone in case the government goes ahead to carry out the Pokuase housing project, describing the government as thieves fronting for some faceless NPP officials. Sam George should learn to control his emotions and apply common sense in his arguments. The verbal diarrhoea will destroy him.

The media by now should know that any government housing project has become an euphemism for affordable housing, and that such projects cannot be within the reach of ordinary workers.

All such projects have not been within the reach of ordinary workers, but the NDC has managed to mislead the media, academia and civil society to accept the misconception that the NPP government has made affordable housing unaffordable so they can buy for themselves and friends.

This is a white lie by NDC and its allies just to win political power and leave the people stranded because John Mahama is not the best alternative but a “successful failure” in Ghana’s body politic.

The government should ignore the ugly noises of the NDC and its megaphones and concentrate on the needs and aspirations of the people.