Tema Residents Reject Chiefs’ Tribal MCE Endorsment

RESIDENTS OF Tema and members of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tema Central Constituency have condemned what they described as tribal endorsement of Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) by the Tema Traditional Council.

According to the 11 Electoral Area Coordinators and Constituency Executives in Tema as well as residents, attempt by the chiefs in Tema to force the president to appoint an indigene to occupy the position of MCE is dangerous and could be tantamount to tribal conflict.

Last Wednesday the Tema Traditional Council at a press conference appealed to the President to consider the appointment of an indigene as Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive for effective cooperation between the traditional and the political authority.

Nii Armah Somponu II, Tema Shipi and Stool Secretary said appointing a non-indigene deprives qualify indigene who understand their culture and norms to occupy the position.

A presser issued Friday July 23 by NPP in the Tema Central Constituency, copied DGN Online sasid “we undersigned all eleven (11) Electoral Area Coordinators of Tema Central Constituency, all constituency executives, together with undersigned residents of Tema communities and Tema Newtown note with regret the efforts from the Traditional Council to implore His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo not to employ tribal basis as the yardstick to nominating a Mayor for our Metropolitan Assembly, Tema Metropolitan Assembly.

“We as party executives and residents of Tema condemn any act that seeks to promote tribal politics in Tema, a high cosmopolitan city, because it has greatest potential to destroy not only Tema metro but the country at large. We affirm our position as indeed January 23 press release of the same Traditional Council that an appointment to the office of Tema Metro Chief Executive should be based on competency and proven track record of delivering results.

“Unless otherwise physically induced, we struggle to appreciate the sudden turnaround of the Traditional Council of competence to tribalism when clearly governance is about development and betterment of lives,” according to the statement signed by Electoral Area Coordinator, Constituency Executive and residents.

They therefore encourage the President to disregard all the attempt to tribalise the position of Tema MCE.

Meanwhile, the party grassroots have expressed their desire to work with competent nominee as Tema Mayor who have demonstrated competence, loyalty, visionary, hardworking and unflinching commitment to the development of Tema.

From Vincent Kubi, Tema