Tesah Capital Launches Risk-Free Collective Investment Scheme

Officials of Tesah with Rev Daniel Ogbarmey Tetteh at the launch

GHANA NOW has its first risk-free collective investment scheme, thanks to the innovation and forward-thinking of asset management firm, Tesah Capital.

“The Tesah Treasury Trust is a money market unit trust that will invest only in government and quasi government securities such as treasury bills, notes and bonds,” according to Managing Director of Tesah Capital, Eugenia Basheer.

“This takes away issuer risk from the Trust and can therefore be said to be a zero risk fund. To enable anyone and everyone invest in the Tesah Treasury Trust, there is no minimum investment amount. This means that you can invest any amount at any time.

“There are no charges for investing in the fund and there are no charges for withdrawing from the fund. The Tesah Treasury Trust presents the perfect opportunity to make a return on your money and still have access to it anytime you need it.”

Mrs. Basheer was speaking at a ceremony to unveil the Tesah Treasury Trust, along with another collective investment scheme known as the Tesah Future Trust, and the company’s digital platforms.

Mrs. Basheer said the introduction of the two collective investment schemes particularly the Tesah Treasury Trust, was in response to a directive from the industry regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission, that all investment amounts below GH¢100,000.00 should be in collective investment schemes.

She spoke about the importance of collective investment schemes, pointing out that “they are a major tool for mobilisation of funds for economic development.”

“Considering the advantages to investors and to economic growth and development, we need to actively drive the growth of Collective Investment Schemes in Ghana,” Mrs. Basheer added.

“Investing should not be the preserve of a few affluent people. We aim to change the rhetoric by creating avenues for everyone including those who do not have a lot, to create wealth through investments, while those who have a lot also continue to get more,” she stressed.

“Collective Investment Schemes allow everyone to take advantage of scale to benefit from diversification of securities and expert fund management services at lower costs.”

Mrs. Basheer also described the Tesah Future Fund as “a balanced mutual fund which invests in a carefully selected mix of equities and fixed income securities.”

“The equity investments permit rapid growth while the fixed income investments guard against fluctuations caused by changes in prices of the equities in the portfolio. The Tesah Future Fund is ideal for investors with medium to long term wealth growing objectives and who are willing to accept some risk in exchange for return.”

Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Reverend Daniel Ogbarmey Tetteh, who was the special guest at the unveiling ceremony, lauded Tesah Capital for the bold step in introducing the collective investment schemes.

“Savings and investments are critical not just for individuals but for every economy. Every initiative that supports savings and investments needs every endorsement that we can muster,” he said.

Rev. Ogbarmey Tetteh stressed on the shared responsibilities of the regulator, market operators and investors in sanitising the security industry, emphasising the need for “market operators to live up to their fiduciary role and professionalism.”

President of the Ghana Securities Industry Association (GSIA), Winston Nelson Jnr, congratulated Tesah Capital for “adding a further push to the collective investment scheme segment of the market.”

A business desk report