The Most Consequential Running Mate Choice For NPP So Far Is NAPO


We are all born into a generation that defines who we are more than we can imagine, each generation wants to separate itself from the earlier one and set a new path towards relevance and eventual dominance. Politics as a resource for leadership is not divorced from this reality of life.

The fact remains that to everything under this bright beautiful sun, there is a time and season. Change, therefore, is an inevitable occurrence, and all things created are transient no matter how hard humanity contest or protest.

Come January 2025, there will be new personality manning the seat of power in Ghana. Addresses will change, one may move next door or the other, crossing highways with a moving truck unloading personal effects. Either way, the executive presidency of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will come to an end and another taking his place. Knowing, therefore, this impending reality and the times beckoning, I believe, has aided the NPP to become a better party and helped it exploit the zeitgeist.

The choice of Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh as running mate for NPP ticket represents a rising tide in the general politics of Ghana and the law of seasonal myopia is such that,  it lenses will only focus on whose time it is.  The old generation of political stalwarts is gradually fading off, ideas of yesterday may not necessarily be fit for the present and one by one, new political names emerge each day as old names fade away.

Sooner than later, dominant political themes and policies will all resonate around this duo: Dr. Bawumia and Dr. Opoku Prempeh. The NPP’s tact in selecting these two is representative of their understanding of the times and seasons and what lies ahead. Why the NDC missed this opportunity and rather brought back an old duo oddly for these modern times is inexplicable and best left to near posterity to judge the decisions of the party with their choice.

In a recent parliamentary submission by Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, he emphasised that what this great nation Ghana is blessed with “is human and natural resources.” So it begs the question: why go for old when there is vast availability to tap from with these two resources at hand. Like I noted earlier, time will be the best judge in the decision of ‘old vs new’ with regards to the choices of the two parties.


Why Napo is a grease for victory

Leading to his selection as running mate with the flagbearer of the NPP, the stakes could not have been higher. Suggestive lists for consideration were long with varied personalities.

I understand why this was the case because our growing middle class is getting restless, there is a generalised appetite for a new direction on how  the economy is run and the NPP ticket is one that represents a new generation that would certainly revitalise this country with new found optimism, hope buoyed by a profound sense of mission.

Throughout the African continent, countries seem perpetually on the brink of running out of money with vastly antiquated financial structures hinged on borrowing. What is new and afforded the blessed people of this enduring and resourceful country is a global digital platform that is revolutionising the way we live.

Dada Tech is bent on capitalising on opportunities digitalisation and technology is affording our world, and has chosen to focus his entire leadership in crafting up policies that will make Ghana competitive and relevant in global financial engagements and in the process to enrich the good people of this land.

In my introduction, I discussed change as an inevitable part of life. While many experiences change, few are considered transformers—those extraordinary individuals who create significant impact. Transformers are divinely inspired executors with a mandate to bring about profound changes and preserve what is entrusted to them.

One such transformer is Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, who was tasked by President Nana Addo with implementing the Free SHS policy, the most important educational intervention in Ghana’s history. This policy, aimed at providing free education to all Ghanaian children, was masterfully executed by Dr. Prempeh.

Transformers like Dr. Opoku Prempeh possess extraordinary passion and energy for their assignments. They are often misunderstood due to their tenacity but remain unwavering in fulfilling their duties. Similarly, if Dr. Bawumia is to transform Ghana’s economy into a digital powerhouse, he will need partners like Dr. Prempeh to help realise this vision.



Nexus between the ‘Doctors’

While their political relationship is one that has not been discussed extensively in the past so far or better still, there have not been any established working nexus to extrapolate from, the duo in their individual political life have been hugely successful.

Dr. Bawumia’s key instinct about the future direction of the New Patriotic Party and Ghana is evident in the choice of his running mate. As an astute economist with deep political experience, he is complemented by Dr. Opoku Prempeh, a stalwart party member from the influential Ashanti caucus and a capable executor. Together, their diverse strengths would create a powerful synergy for Ghana’s future.