The National Interest, Political Hypocrites (2)


We have said time and again that our politicians are not very patriotic to uphold the national interest and the public weal. If that were not the case will Minority MPs down their tools because two of their own were to appear in court? What was their reason?

That they boycotted proceedings in Parliament in solidarity with their colleagues and to protest against perceived persecution.

They also served notice that they will turn their back to Parliament on any day their colleagues are asked to appear in court.

These Minority MPs are part of the country’s legislators who craft laws for us the citizens to respect, and yet their actions show their disdain for the rule of law.

The MPs also know that, the fact that the Attorney General has gone to court does not mean Gyakye Quayson and Ato Forson are guilty. For our criminal jurisprudence is anchored on the fact that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty.

They also know that some of the drivers of the rule of law is fair trial and legal representation which in this present dispensation are available to Gyakye Quayson, newly elected MP for Assin North and Ato Forson, the Minority Leader.

Again, are the Minority MPs trying to build a class society by placing their interests above other Ghanaians who are arraigned for petty crimes like the stealing of farm produce and fowls?

They are also making capital of the remarks by the President that the Assin North people should not vote for Gyakye Quayson who may go to prison, saying it was prejudicial.

Lawyers for Gyakye Quayson are making similar claims saying it was prejudicial while refusing to comment about what John Mahama said in Assin North.

He questioned the rationale for the prosecution of Gyakye Quayson arguing that he had done nothing wrong and would not go to prison today or tomorrow.

Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, if President Akufo-Addo’s statement was prejudicial where will you situate that of John Mahama. We are confusing the ordinary citizens of the land by not educating them on the developments in the land but take positions based on the colour of our politics.

Otherwise John Mahama will be the last to condemn the trial of Gyakye Quayson when under his watch as Vice President in 2012 Adamu Sakande was jailed for perjury and forgery.