The President’s Wise Admonitions

President Nana Akufo-Addo (R) with National Chief Imam

Those who have worked towards the existence of religious harmony and continue to do so in the country deserve commendation.

Those who have never read or even experienced a disharmony-triggered restiveness cannot appreciate the peace we are enjoying in the country today. In fact, such persons more often than not take the situation for granted forgetting that the least act of provocation bordering on faith differences can easily reverse the status quo.

In some countries, the suspicion underpinning the relations between members of the two great Abrahamic faiths of Christianity and Islam is frosty – a source of security concern. People in such locations go to bed not knowing what their compatriots in the other faith are planning against them.

When the situation gets beyond boiling point, as they do sometimes, there are deadly consequences. India and Nigeria present perfect examples – both countries have such experiences.

The story of Colombo, Sri Lanka during the last Easter is a typical example of how matters can take a deadly turn even in places where inter-faith strife is not a feature.

The President’s excitement about the positive Ghanaian inter-faith experience was noticeable in his remarks at the Independence Square yesterday.

The gesture of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) at Darkuman, Accra, when they organized a Muslim Relations Day event received mention in the President’s speech. He explained that the church members adorned themselves in Islamic robes and served fruits to Muslims during the time for the breaking of the fast at dusk. What an embellishment for a call for inter-faith harmony in a country.   The National Chief Imam had paved the way for such gestures and will surely remain an envy of other countries.

The President’s speech was wonderful and auspicious coming on the heels of the recent foiling of an attempt by a gunman to draw blood in a church.

His reference to the fact that extremists in both faiths are bent on carrying out their wicked plots is         apt. This should not change our way of life especially our age-old hospitality, as he said. But even as we continue to live the way we have always done let us be security conscious because these are unusual times.

Most landlords would rent out accommodation to persons whose occupations they do not even know, let alone their nationalities.

Tenants who during the day are permanently indoors fidgeting with sophisticated laptops and emerging only at night only to return at dawn should prompt questions.